Would you like to join our team?

Nadia, Roxanne, Vaiva and I are very happy that Ladies that UX Amsterdam community is still growing and reached 1200 members! The first meetup started in October 2015 with just 3 attendees and now we are the biggest women in tech group in The Netherlands.

As the community is growing, we handle more and more partnership, sponsorship and promotion requests from various groups. With so many of you trusting in us, we are constantly thinking ideas for upcoming events to make them even more interesting and interactive.

We have many ideas that would work towards our mission, for example, working closer with sister LTUX chapters in other countries, a mentorship program, and a day-long Ladies that UX event/conference filled with workshops and talks.

For all those ideas and exciting projects that we would like to see coming into life, we could really use some extra help.

Would you like to join our team? 😊

It will be great, because:

  • We value each of other’s initiative and input – there are no bad ideas!
  • You’ll have a platform to give back to the community and take on projects that has a meaning for you
  • You’ll shape and help to grow a welcoming and collaborative community of women in UX
  • You’ll have a say in the meetup format, topics and speakers
  • You’ll get an opportunity to network not only with UX’ers in the NL but also with professionals around the globe
  • You’ll make a difference by promoting female talent
  • You’ll get experience as a meetup/community organiser
  • You’ll get some little perks of being a meetup organizer. For example, network with leaders of the industry and representatives of companies that sponsor us, partner tickets to conferences, a title that proves to employers/clients that you’re passionate about UX and that you’re volunteering your time to give back

What you can choose to do?

You can choose which task you’d like to help with. Here is a rough list what you could choose. You can also propose what you’d like to work on.

We’d like some help with:

  • Developing ideas for upcoming meetups
  • Projects and partnerships with other communities
  • Reaching out to speakers
  • Sourcing sponsors
  • Posting on social media
  • Taking photos during meetups
  • Writing meetup recap posts

We are not expecting you to spend all your evenings and weekends on this, of course. You can decide how much time you want to spend. We work as a team, we split tasks among ourselves and give advice and support if we are not sure what to do in some situations, so you’ll never be left alone!

Who will you be working with?

  • Jenny—I’m an independent UX/UI Designer and I work remotely for international clients. In my spare time, I like to travel for cultural immersion and food. I founded LTUX Amsterdam in 2015 after attending meetups in Amsterdam and found that there was no place to meet other female UXers like myself. I’m a big believer in ‘if you can’t see it, you can’t be it’. So I love seeing that UXers in Amsterdam are getting the support and inspiration they are looking for from LTUX Amsterdam.
  • Nadia—I am a UX enthusiast who likes to push boundaries. 😊 Currently taking care of UX process at continuous delivery software provider – XebiaLabs. I enjoy meeting new people in Tech industry, exchange knowledge and see how experiences of others can help me grow. This is something where Ladies That UX community serves as great tool! I love being busy with organising events for LTUX, as it brings back a lot of joy from people around!
  • Roxanne—I’m a UX Consultant at Backelite (Capgemini) and in my spare time I play guitar, hang out with friends and organize events for work. I co-organize LTUX Amsterdam because I believe in promoting female talent to create role models for the next generation. Contributing to the community also paid off in my own career. For example, I switched from a Test Consultant to UX Consultant at Capgemini after growing my network and knowledge at LTUX.
  • Vaiva—I made a career switch to UX design a year ago and now I’m working at Relay42. As a fresh UX’er I’m trying to catch up and soak in as much knowledge as I can. I feel that LTUX Ams gives me not only the opportunity to learn and get advice from our great members and speakers, but also to contribute to the cause to promote female talent. In my spare time, I like travelling, cooking and reading; currently learning Spanish, feel free to say ‘hi’ or ‘hola’! 😊

Join us on our mission!

Ladies that UX’s mission is to create a welcoming and collaborative community of women in UX and promote female talent.

Would you like to join us and work on this mission? Fill out this form or send us an email at amsterdam@ladiesthatux.com and get onboard! We look forward to hearing from you.

—Jenny, Nadia, Roxanne and Vaiva

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