LTUX BOS: Demystifying the UX Interview Process

Since Boston is a college town, we know when the school year is about to begin as we start having more difficulty finding a seat on the T. As students flock back to the city, many ladies ending their college careers are simultaneously starting to prepare for full-time interviews.

To help soon-to-be college grads as well as professionals interested in switching to a UX career, LTUX organizer Clara Kliman-Silverand I spent Wednesday evening breaking down the typical UX interview. How can you best approach behavioral interview questions? What can you expect from a design exercise? How should you walk through your portfolio? As a group, we reviewed some effective portfolios together and shared informative anecdotes about particular interview experiences.


In the second half of the evening, Gwen Betts and Anne Hjortshoj gave individualized critiques to those who brought their portfolios. Meanwhile, the rest of the group paired up to practice a mock in-person design exercise, involving designing a mobile application for various cruise ship scenarios. Each participant alternated between playing the role of an interviewer and an interviewee to get a sense of what it’s like to do an actual design exercise.


Many thanks to Gwen and Anne for offering their expertise and to StartupInstitute for so kindly hosting us. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ladiesthatuxbos to stay in the know about all of our upcoming events and we hope to see you at our next meetup!

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