Recap: September Meetup, Talks on UI Animation, Pair Designing

Our September meetup was a great success! Thank you to Allstate for hosting, and Allison, Alicia and Katie for sharing their wisdom.

Our September meetup will featured LTUXers vying to speak at SXSW. We heard condensed versions of their talks: Katie Swindler shared insights on leveraging animations, and Allison and Alicia will gave us a glimpse into pair designing. Our members showed their support by watching them practice at our meetup and voting up their SXSW talks using the links below!

We’re thrilled that Allstate is hosted our event at their space in the Merchandise Mart.


Animation in UX: Subconscious Influence of Motion
Katie Swindler

If you’re not leveraging interface animations to influence your users, you are missing a critical component of UX design. Like body language, motion design supplies a rich, often-subconscious layer of meaning and personality to every micro-interaction. Digital products can leverage the same techniques used by cartoon animators, actors and dancers to convey personality, improve comprehension and influence behavior through movement. Learn the right animation styles for your brand, users and product.
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Two Brains, One Design: An AgileXP Pairytale
Allison Steinhauer and Alicia Warren

Hall and Oates. Mario and Luigi. Tina and Amy. Pinky and the Brain. Great things come with collaboration. Pair designing is two designers sharing the same medium at the same time, to create rapid, quality solutions to problems. This way of working can be extremely productive and rewarding, but has its drawbacks too. We will share our tale on the benefits, challenges, and learnings as communicators, problem destroyers, and pair designers in an AgileXP environment.
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