Recap: November Talk, Can In-House UX and Mindfulness Coexist?

We had so much fun our November meetup! So ~grateful~ to Trina Uzee for her wisdom, Susan Thome for planning, 24 Seven Inc. for sponsoring, and Capital One for hosting! 


We were entering into a season that reminds us to reflect on what’s important. Often, this is a time of self-reflection and goal setting. With that in mind, Trina Uzee, Allstate’s Executive Creative Director and one of its Wellbeing Champions, gave us some things to consider, aspire to and look for as we take stake in our work culture.

We’re thankful to Capital One for a space to gather and 24 Seven for food.
Thursday, November 16 @ 5:30
Capital One, 77 West Wacker Dr, Floor 22, Chicago

Can In-House UX Practice and Mindfulness Coexist?

Trina Uzee

Who doesn’t want to work in a UX practice centered around compassion, kindness, mentorship and listening; one that truly makes a difference in the work and encourages long-term happiness? How do you build and amplify a culture that nurtures great work and work life balance? I will show you how to be mindful leaders and create a culture of caring. Discover how to use intuition in hiring and create an ego-free environment that retains top talent. Learn how to lead mindfully and build a work family – the true ROI of mindfulness in action. It can be done. It does exist. Join us and learn how to be a better leader and what to look for in your next job.

Trina Uzee is the Executive Creative Director of the UX and Design Group at Allstate mindfully leading the UXD practice. As a creative, UX and digital trailblazer – she was a UX Director in 2003 before UX was a thing – Trina has led and coordinated multi-agency initiatives for some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world like GSD&M, Tribal DDB and Digitas. Trina is one of the too-few women in UX and Creative Leadership, but that has never been enough. In addition to her day job, Trina is Wellbeing Champion at Allstate creating all of their mindfulness and self-care programs. She also leads the meditation practice for all of Allstate. Her fresh perspectives and insight have led to invitations to serve on award show panels, as well as speaking gigs at SXSW, SODA, SheSays Chicago, General Assembly, numerous start-ups and at Allstate. She has always been driven to create. Jewelry designer. Batik artist. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Mentor. Author. Illustrator. Lover of hot baths, yoga, meditation and crystals.

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