Recap: March Meetup, Portfolio Workshop

Thank you Designation for hosting and Wunderland Group for sponsoring our portfolio workshop!


Have any of these thoughts ever popped into your head?

• My portfolio just isn’t doing what I need it to.
• I am my own worst enemy when it comes to talking about my own work
• I’m too junior/senior/not a visual designer/coder … so I don’t have a portfolio.
• How do I write about my thought process to get work done so that other people understand it? Without writing a novel?
• What work should I put in my portfolio? What about work I can’t make public?

How about some help with that? Join LTUX Chicago for a portfolio workshop!

Our panel of hiring managers and a recruiter that span the full UX spectrum of strategy, research, design and copywriting helped our members workshop what will be in their portfolio and how to talk about work in a way that will meet their goals for winning work, jobs or just feeling awesome about how you show off their mad skillz.
Thursday, March 22, 5:30-7:30
Designation, 100 State Street, Chicago 60603

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