How Ladies that UX started

Ladies that UX started in August 2013.

Lizzie Dyson and Georgie Bottomley, both UX (User Experience) professionals, loved their jobs but there was always a doubt about where the other women in the industry were. They noticed that across the industry there was a real lack of women both at a mid-level and more senior roles within the industry. They had no roles models

One night, over several glasses of wine, they discussed what they felt was missing- somewhere for Ladies to meet up. A place to chat, share thoughts and ideas from the workplace and make friends.

That one fateful late night conversation would take that from a thought to a reality and Ladies that UX was born.

We have remained true to the initial vision and have created (and continue to create) a network of likeminded women, who can call upon each other- not just to share knowledge but for support.

We run monthly meet across the world for Ladies to meet. We eat, drink and chat, and not just chat about work. We chat about anything- something someone has read on a blog or a funny story. We have found that UX-ers have a wide range of skills and interests, and bringing these together make for a great evening.

Each city runs it owns special events from early morning coffee, cocktail evenings to speakers panels and workshops.

Ladies that UX also hosts an annual conference Talk UX. Talk UX creates a platform for women to share their ideas, in a safe inspiring setting.

If Ladies that UX is something you’d like to get involved with, by either starting your own group or supporting us in our mission to take over the world then please send us an email hello(at)

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