April 2017 Recap: Movie Night! Abstract: The Art of Design

On Tuesday, April 18th Ladies that UX came together for “MOVIE NIGHT”!!!! an exciting opportunity to view and discuss an exciting and innovative design documentary “Christoph Niemann: Illustration” part of Abstract The Art of Design series.

Our Host

Our gracious hosts for this evening’s event was Northern who provided us the use of their amazing facilities complete with newly installed screen ready just in time for our video event. They also supplied snacks appropriate to being at the cinema such as popcorn and a variety of candies and beverages. Thank you very much for their hosting and their support of Ladies that UX London Ontario.

About Northern

They deliver extraordinary eCommerce solutions that cause substantial shifts in ROI through improved usability, increased traffic and conversion rate optimization. Click here to visit their website and learn more about their offerings.

We were made to feel so welcome by the Northern team, thank you so much!


Northern’s awesome space. Hello, hello, hello…echo echo echo….
Everyone sitting in the lovely board room anxiously awaiting the feature film.

The Concession Stand

The food was amazing!!! and very much fitting a night out at the movies (even if it was a documentary)


Ashley Keller and Emily Wyss in their bright and always cheerful way opened with a brief introduction of the topic, Ladies that UX, the group’s history, mission, vision, goals, objectives and values. They noted how our group strives to be a positive influence and force for women (and everyone else) within the technology field with a focus on User Experience (UX).

They then introduced Sarah Rose, Front End Manager at Northern who shared a little with us about their company and of course her extreme delight that they were able to get that brand spanking new (massive) screen in place for our event. At the end of the video presentation and question session she was gracious enough to take us on a tour of their facilities showing us all of the wonderful things they had in place but also showing us that they were a company that was rapidly growing and allocated additional space to accommodate that growth (excellent forward planning on their part)! Check out their career opportunities, they are hiring!


Being that so many of us have design leanings, whether that be visual, process, system, code or otherwise; seeing how people approach design problems is always informative. “Christoph Niemann:Illustration” part of “Abstract The Art of Design” series was an amazing look into the life of a mature visual designer (aka Illustrator) who has created many of the breathtaking covers for the New Yorker (among other things). The documentary took us on a journey with a designer (and amazing artist) who was willing to reveal his approach, as well as, his challenges faced with each project. Watching his story unfold you were able to connect with his very human personal struggle (that all designers face) to find inspiration through non-linearity and bit by bit reducing all that lateral thinking into a clear concept that he used to get the job done, dusted and finished using more traditional methods.

His humourous way of looking at the world, combined with taking simple objects, simple images and found items and playfully creating was an inspirational insight into the mental and emotional journey that is the world of creative design where the unbounded child collides with the constrained adult who just needs to get the job done and meet a deadline. It was amazing to see how he could go from playful to stressed in the blink of an eye bringing amazing creativity through a constant state of tension.

Overall a great beginning to an amazing series of documentaries on the art of design and an inspiration to us all as we struggle in our own creative journeys.

After the movie Ashley Keller quizzed us (who knew!!!) to see if we were paying attention 😉 … actually to see what insights we gained from this film and to help us all learn more about something that we all struggle with.

If you are interested you can find the slide deck and the thought provoking questions here.

Smile Everyone and Look Creative You Wild Designers You!

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