Join us for March’s networking social

One of the great things about Ladies that UX (and we’re sure you’ll agree there are many) is the fantastic network it provides. Buuuut, we all know how easy it is to catch up with the same people at every event and seek out those familiar faces in the crowd. So, while our March 21st event is technically a social, we want to push everyone to expand their network.

Maybe there’s someone in the group you’ve been meaning to get round to chatting to. Perhaps one of the collective can help you with career (or life!) guidance and advice. Or maybe you can help someone else.

With that in mind, we’re proposing something of a speed network. Come to Common (Edge Street in the Northern Quarter) from 6, get a (free) drink, grab some food and sit down with someone you’ve never chatted to before. From 6.30 – 7.30, every 6 minutes, we’ll ring the change and you’ll move on. No pressure to break into an existing conversation group and no fear of being the person with no-one to talk to.

Then, we’ll finish up with some free for all social.

We’d love you to come along armed with a bunch of questions and an open mind.

Sign up and get your ticket

A big thank you must go to our sponsors – without them, there would be no drinks behind the bar! Check out their current opportunities at


Its BOGOF burgers for anyone who’s signed up for (free) membership at


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