LTUX Manchester – June – User-Centred Digital Strategy

Autotrader are the host for our June 20th event. And we’re delighted to welcome, fresh from slots at UX in the City Manchester and NUX5, Sophie Dennis. Sophie’s joining us to talk about User-Centred Digital Strategy.

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Currently at NHS Digital, Sophie is a freelance consultant and coach with over 15 years’ experience working with multi-disciplinary teams on strategic content, design and development projects. She helps organisations deliver better services to customers by putting user needs at the heart of their digital strategy, and leads, coaches and mentors UX and agile teams. She’s led ambitious user research and discovery programmes, defined digital strategies for major public and third-sector organisations, and built high-performing teams able to deliver high-quality user-centred digital services at pace. So who better to talk strategy?!

Sophie believes that a sound strategy tells you where you are going, and sets out a high-level, achievable plan to get there. It’s how you make sure anyone can decide what the right things are to work on.

Using real-world examples of successful discovery and strategy projects, this talk will show you how to reclaim strategy, do it well, and get the support you need to translate it into action. You’ll be able to apply what you learn whether you’re developing the overarching strategy for a whole company, for a particular product or service, or delivering a brand, content or customer experience strategy.

You will learn:

  • how to distinguish between vision, strategy and tactics, decide which your organisation needs right now, and the UX methods to apply to each
  • how to hit the ‘goldilocks point’ with your strategy: not so visionary you fail the “yeah right” test, not so mundane you fail the “so what?” test
  • how and when to engage with stakeholders, avoiding big surprises in order to get the support and buy-in that’s necessary to turn recommendations into action
  • how to tackle the discovery process and structure your findings and recommendations

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Thanks go to our generous sponsors Autotrader who are providing the venue, snack and refreshments. Find their latest vacancies at Autotrader Careers.

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