LTUX NYC Summer (Anniversary) Social with SONY Life Space UX

At the beginning of summer, I went to the WantedDesign, an event in NYC dedicated to promoting design and fostering a creative community with innovative installations, memorable products, interactive experiences, workshops/talks. Booth after booth of various cool products, I came across a doorway leading me to something different – a room that looked to be a furnished modern-chic apartment studio.

The living area to the left and a dining area in front, I walked past the bookshelf with videos and images playing on the wall, to sit down on the sofa, in order to glance at the marketing collaterals that were by the glass light on the table. Unlike the other booths outside, I couldn’t quite figure out what were the products being “pitched”.

It was then that I learned the space was part of SONY Life Space UX and where I met Yoshiko, the head of SONY Life Space UX in the US.

It turns out that the music was coming from glass light on the table. The light bulbs hanging on top of the dining room table were speakers too! The projector by the wall playing images could be 22” or as big as 80”. 

Instead of designing items that add on to a space, SONY Life Space UX focus on creating new products that blend seamlessly into everyday environments and enrich daily life instead.

As designers, we know that customer experience is influential in shaping people’s expectations. Rather than “here is the product” brick and mortar store, what SONY did is create an experience to transform design through space. At SONY Square, they created an innovative space (where the product mix changes every 4-6 weeks), providing interaction with associates, and of course the ability to test and experience how all of the products work together; thus, allowing for a more emotional connection with the brand and therefore better engagement with the consumers. After all, some of the products have to be seen to be believed.

SONY is more than TVs, Playstations, and cameras, as I quickly found out…and what a great experience to see how space is transformed through design. So, join us for a summer social as we celebrate LTUX’s 4th anniversary at SONY Life Space UX! Come mingle and celebrate with us as we chat with Yoshiko and check out how creativity and imagination can inspire product design, transforming space through design. 

Light refreshments provided. 

6:30 – 7:00pm: Check-in*

7:00 – 7:15pm: Chat with Yoshiko Matsuda

7:15 – 8:30pm: Mingle, interact, celebrate! 

At check-in, attendees will be entered to win some O’Reilly Media swag!
(…and for those wondering, yes, men are welcomed! We’re pro women, not anti men!)


SONY LIFE SPACE UX, a revolutionary spatial experience concept that harmoniously removes the barrier between technology and interior design, aiming to enhance existing spaces by enriching people’s experiences within them. Entering the US market with its debut at MOMA recently, the products include the Glass Sound Speaker (a sleek wireless speaker with ambient LED illumination which produces crystal clear sound from an organic glass cylinder); the Portable Ultra Short-Throw Projector (capable of throwing a 22”-80” image onto walls, tables, or any adjacent surface in spite of its compact size) and the LED Bulb Speaker (users can access their music libraries and adjust sound and light settings via the included remote or app.) 

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