Here’s to 2017


The past year was a whirlwind. Looking back, it certainly had it’s highs and lows. That being said, let’s reflect and work harder this year. I’m choosing to focus on the good and learn from the okay and bad things that will somehow balance out in the end. I’d like to recap some of our big accomplishments, report some statistics, and give my hopes for the upcoming year.
As for 2016:
  1. Ladies that UX Philadelphia was founded and had the first meeting in March
  2. We’ve got a solid core group of 14 members
  3. We’ve hosted a total of 10 functions
    • 3 Events ( 2 How To, 1 Show & Tell)
    • 3 Happy Hours
    • 4 Strategy meetings
  4. We’ve had over 40 unique attendees
  5. Ladies that UX Global celebrated its 3rd Birthday
My hopes for 2017:
  1. Continue to have bi-weekly meet ups
    • Happy hours
    • Events
  2. Work towards “bigger” events
  3. Reach out to new members
  4. Integrate with other LTUX and PHL groups interested in the same things we are
  5. Build out our digital presence
We’ve hit great stride and hope to continue to do so as we approach our first birthday in March.
I’m looking forward to working with our members to create a great space for ladies in UX and our allies in 2017. Keep an eye out for updates about us in the new year.
Yours in design,

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