The next chapter for Ladies that UX

It is with a heavy heart, but a clear head, that I am giving my one years’ notice on managing Ladies that UX.

The past three years have been incredible. I have learnt so much, and met so many fantastic people. It truly has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

Setting the vision for Ladies that UX has been exciting, gratifying and challenging.

Ladies that UX has gone from a monthly meet up in one location to an international company, and in that growth I have been able to experience so much. From working with lawyers and accountants, to trademarking our IP, I have learnt things beyond my expectations.

It’s always been my hope that as new members join committed volunteers also emerge to help run the group and keep momentum going. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened as often as I thought and I’ve ended up over-stretching myself on so many occasions that the labour of love has became just labour.

We all have busy lives and running a group like this takes hard work and time. Something precious to all of us, including me.

I have invested so much love, energy and time on the group, and I am so unbelievably proud of all that we have achieved. I know that Ladies that UX is part of the catalyst that has challenged the industry to look at its diversity issues, and start to change what has gone before.

I would love Ladies that UX to continue this journey as we move towards a more equal society, and industry, but the group needs more fire power to keep going.

It has been my great fortune to meet ladies from around the world that I now call friends. I love attending our meet ups, and have been able to visit eight different Ladies that UX cities. But as the group has grown I have ended up spending more of my time on the administration of our group rather than the meeting of minds that I so wished for when we started.

From a single meetup group, we are now a vast interconnected network of UXers who are all involved in changing the opportunities for success that women can be exposed to in our industry. We started as a community group, we still are a community group, and I would like to hear what you want the Ladies that UX community to be after I step down.

There are a few options:

1) I spend the next year wrapping up our legal and financial commitments and allow each current group to become independent and determine their own future.

2) Someone steps up for me to hand the reigns on to. A person or group of people who have the time, commitment and energy to take on this opportunity. There is still so much more that we can do.  

If you could let me know by the end of November I can then set plans in place to leave the community in the best possible position.

We have achieved so much in the past three years. In that time I have changed jobs, countries, and have learnt and grown so much. I’ve been blown away with the support and strength our community and industry has, so I am looking forward to getting your input on how to proceed.

I still want to be part of Ladies that UX. But I want to do this from the participation, instead of the administration side. I want to reconnect with why I started the group, and dedicate my time to the community, to meeting other women and giving back, and to step away from the day-to-day administration that is currently keeping me from this.

I am unbelievably proud of what we have created, and I thank you all for helping shape what this group has become. You now have the opportunity to shape what it will be. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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