Workshop: Influencing with Meta Programs

Last Wednesday’s workshop: “Influencing with Meta Programs” by Desiree de Graaff was about people’s program settings and how to approach them for effective communication. There are 4 meta programs:

Options versus Procedures:
This was described using a question in the group: “how do you do your groceries?” Procedural people use a pre-defined list, possible ordered in the best route through te supermarket (!), while optional people decide when they get there.

Towards versus Away from:
People with a “towards” personality tend to jump into things right away, while their counter parts always see obstacles on the way.

Intern versus Extern:
This meta program was described using a movie clip with Reese Witherspoon in the movie Johnny Cash. Internal people know what they want (Johnny), while external people value the opinion of others. While Reese declined Johnny’s proposal over 40 times, she succombed when a whole crowd was watching.

Global versus Specific:
People who tell you the main storyline, versus people who describe EVERY detail (Sorry for the ones who expected a very detailed blog!, guess my meta program got the best of me ;))

Of course these examples are extremes, but you are somewhere on those scales and so is your counter or “itchy” person at home, at the office or anywhere you may encounter them. Take a look at these Sketch Notes from Anne Zeegers (on her first time at the meetup, thanks Anne!) to see what you can do when dealing with each type:



For pictures of the meetup, check

Check out also our video recap:


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