Where to find your hidden gamification potential?

Last Wednesday Ladies that UX Utrecht was at Stroomt interactions, to learn where to find hidden gamification potential in our designs. The workshop was provided by Anne Vroegop, from our main sponsor UXAcademy.

Before starting her presentation the most important tip of the night was, to find your playful self! So try out different boardgames, and keep a list for future inspiration during projects.

Throughout the evening Anne explained different parts of the theory, made us search for examples in apps on our phone and showed us some examples as well.

She explained us 9 different game mechanics. Social recognition, social pressure, social competition, sharing knowledge, choices, time limit, penalties, rewards, luck, win/lose and level progression. A mechanic can be applied solo or combined with others in your design.

Make sure that before you start adding gamification to an app, your foundation is right. Make sure you have a solid base for people to actually execute a task in your app, and browse through the different functions, etc. Gamification is not a way to hide your apps mistakes, so don’t try to use it that way.

The aim for a good game, is to get the user in a flow by finding the right balance between challenge and skill throughout the app. Gamification can be used on three different levels in your app: trigger level, like level, love level.

Excited to use gamifaction on your next project? Check out www.gamificationframework.com and http://www.uxacademy.nl/uxgamification

Our next meetup will be on September 27th, make sure to RSVP on our meetup page.

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