Welcome to our 40th city!

We are absolutely over the moon to be welcoming our 40th city to Ladies that UX!

When we started in August 2013 we had no idea we were creating an international community for women to support and promote each other.

Ladies that UX has absolutely flourished, and the need to promote and teach women in UX is just important now as it was when we stared.

In 2013 when Ladies that UX was born, 26% of the computing workforce was female, and within tech roles this goes down to a measly 17%. Of the 26% of computing workforce that are women, over HALF of them left before they reached senior positions. That means at a senior level the percentage drops to around 10%.

Now over two years later the statics are still as bleak, women are under represented across the industry and are still not receiving equal pay.

Ladies that UX is trying to make a difference and create gender parity within technology.

We asked our latest city Tokyo why they wanted to join Ladies that UX;

We are so excited to become a member group of Ladies That UX as we think that
Ladies That UX can give us opportunities to learn more about UX by exchanging
ideas with other members in different countries, and also to promote members in
Japan to improve UX knowledge and skills through monthly meet-ups or
activities. – @ladiesthatuxTOK

We are so excited to reach this milestone with the group, and are really looking forward to seeing what the next 40 cities bring!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us along the way. You know who you are, and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without your help.



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