Why are you female only?

We are often asked why Ladies that UX is a female only meet up.

It has been well documented that the technology industry (as many others) struggles to recruit and retain female talent.

In 2013, 26% of the computing workforce was female, and within tech roles this goes down to a measly 17%. Of the 26% of the computing workforce that are women, over HALF of them leave before they reach senior positions. That means at a senior level that percentage drops to around 10%.

We passionately believe that as an industry we could do better.

Ladies that UX does not offer the entire solution. We create a welcoming, transparent community of women that work in UX, who positively promote and teach each other.

This means that women are able to meet each other, something that they have often not had a chance to do before. We allow them to talk to each other about life, work and everything in between.

It is clear to see from our international community that women feel they need a place to meet other people like themselves.

These friendships allow our ladies to feel supported and not alone after all;

If you can’t see it you can’t be it.


To our male supporters;

Thank you so much for your interest and encouragement in what we are trying to do.

These are our current thoughts, and we will always be looking at how we can include men in our groups. If you would like to attend a meet up please respect that Ladies that UX is primarily meant as a safe place for women in UX. Please reach out to the organisers and ask if they are happy for you to attend.

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