Women in Innovation; Joyeeta Das, Gyana

At Innovate UK, we like to look at the people who change the shape of the innovation and technology industry landscape. When we find an inspirational individual like Joyeeta Das, we can’t help but share their story in our ‘Game Changers’ video series. Joyeeta is the founder of Gyana, a ground-breaking startup that looks at big data and social media trends to form a unique search tool.



Joyeeta’s Background

After training in India as an engineer Joyeeta began working at Cisco. She founded Anahata Life and then furthered her study with an MBA at the University of Oxford. It was during this period of her life where the idea of Gyana was initially conceived. Joyeeta was selected for two Innovate UK entrepreneur missions to the US and has now successfully brought Gyana to market.


So What is Gyana?

Gyana aims to bring AI and big data to consumers in an affordable way via its unique information search tool. The programme looks to integrate data from social media channels, traffic updates and weather among numerous other places to bring together a perspective about any selected area. This will include the trends of the area, the general attitudes and even emotional ‘vibe’. The concept of this tool is such that the more data input, the greater our understanding of the world around us. Ultimately, this will help consumers, governments and businesses to gain a genuine insight into specific areas and demographics. It’s easy to see why people are getting very excited about this.


Why Do We Think Joyeeta is So Inspiring?

What makes an entrepreneur inspiring? It’s a tough question and one which doesn’t render a consistent answer. In regards to Joyeeta, it’s her unwavering belief in her idea. Her enthusiasm for technology and innovation is the catalyst to her team’s success. The team at Gyana have worked tirelessly to bring this truly unique idea to life. It hasn’t all easy for the team at Gyana. For some time, they worked without pay following the dropout of a potential investor. Like all strong entrepreneurs, Joyeeta was tenacious in her search for new investment. By January 2015 she had secured funding. An addition £1.5 million was added in November 2015. By January the following year the team had grown to 15. By July 2016 her product was launched.


The Importance of Networking

Joyeeta speaks with passion about the importance of business networking. She claims this was vital in her attempt to secure funding. Approaching networking events with charisma and an enterprising outlook, she’s managed forge beneficial connections and partnerships. Joyeeta is a deep advocate of these events and urges all aspiring entrepreneurs to get out there and start talking to potential investors.


Joyeeta’s Advice

In our discussions with Joyeeta, she offered some advice which we had to share:

“It doesn’t matter how many books you read or how many people you talk to. You can’t learn something by correspondence. Yet the biggest thing that no one really tells you is that it’s an emotional and psychological rollercoaster. It completely challenges your self-confidence and emotional cushions. Remember it’s not just you, you’re taking a lot of people on this journey with you and they have risked a lot to come along. My advice would be… You won’t be the best thing since sliced bread, ever. There’s obviously someone better than you… that’s not the point. You don’t have to be the best, you just have to get through today.”


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