Welcome to Ladies That UX Amsterdam

Photo of Tsvetelina Obretenova

Tsvetelina Obretenova
Chapter Leader

Tsvetelina’s fascination with space is an inspiring visual metaphor for our boundless human abilities. She strives for the delicate balance between people, design and business.
Photo of Chisanga Makuku

Chisanga Mukuka

Chisanga is a curious creative and third-culture kid with roots and ties in Zambia, Lesotho, and South Africa. She gets excited about interesting problems, design, and innovation!
Photo of Alli Carone

Alli Carone

Alli is an advocate for lifelong learning and getting far outside of your comfort zone. She loves reading, teaching fitness classes, and going dog-watching around the city (like people-watching, only better).
Photo of Christina Yazbeck

Christina Yazbeck

Christina loves learning languages and getting to know new cultures. Music is a huge part of her life. Her favourite jazz pianist is Oscan Peterson (sorry Monk fans).
Photo of Xumeng Zhang

Xumeng Zhang

The only constant is change and learning! Xumeng observes and records rich stories and human emotions. She needs constant creativity stimulation, challenge, and a pat on the back.

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