Welcome to Ladies That UX – Salt Lake City!

This chapter was founded in 2014 with the goal of supporting and promoting women in Utah’s growing UX field.


Maria Haynie

I’m a Senior Product Designer and a Utah-transplant. I’ve enjoyed making connections in our vibrant local UX community, and volunteer my time to continue to build it up, especially for women in UX. Away from my desk, you’ll find me trying to squeeze in some outdoorsy fun, like trail running or swimming, and quality time with my family. Big plants, live music and movie nights are a few of my favorite things.

Natalie Isaacson

I’m an advocate for happy humans — whether that’s solving frustrating design problems, offering a delightful digital experience, ensuring each voice is heard, or throwing out a joke when things get too serious. I strive to take a daily dose of empathy – in between bites of jalapeño chips – and put myself in others’ shoes because I want to contribute to a thriving environment where kindness is key.

Tamara Oniani

👋Hello! I’m Tamara, a UX designer and a cat mom who loves biking, crafts and yoga. I was born and raised in the country of Georgia, and my journey led me to the United States in 2013. As someone who often misses home, I’ve discovered a sense of belonging in engaging with local communities and connecting with other creative individuals. Come, be a part of the LTUX community, and let’s grow together!