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Ladies that UX Lisbon is a flourishing community that connects, celebrates, and empowers women in the field of user experience design. From beginners to industry leaders, we welcome all who share a passion for crafting seamless digital experiences.


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Initiated by @isamarnovais in 2014, Ladies that UX Lisbon has been at the forefront of advocating for diversity and inclusivity in tech. We aim to create a space where women can grow their careers, share their expertise, and find a supportive network.

Isabel Novais Machado

Isabel Novais Machado

Designer by heart, with a passion for problem solving, building a more human centric tech world. Currently working as a UX Lead based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Madalena Costa

A strong passion for learning, teaching, and helping other people, excited to continue building a community for women in Portugal.
Currently working as a Product Designer.


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