The Chapter was born in 2014 after @isamarnovais realized that she knew few women who work with UX in Portugal at that time.
As soon as she found out this world community of women empowering women, she wanted to bring this to Portugal and find other inspiring women interested in UX, to start exchanging good practices and experiences, between different levels of maturity.

Isabel Novais Machado

Isabel Novais Machado

Designer by heart, with a passion for problem solving, building a more human centric tech world. Currently working as a UX Lead based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Madalena Costa

A strong passion for learning, teaching, and helping other people, excited to continue building a community for women in Portugal.
Currently working as a UX/UI Designer.

What’s happening?


We are ‘on hold’ and currently looking for volunteers to help making the most of the Lisbon Chapter.
If you are reading this now, and thinking you could be that person, reach out and let’s talk!