The Chapter was born in 2021 after Miriam Scheibe and Madita Schubert realized they were missing a meet-up in Hamburg for UX people to enjoy a warm and welcoming place to learn, grow, and develop together without fear or shame.

A talk by Indi Young with Ladies That UX San Franciso caught their attention. Afterwards, they contacted the organisation behind it to create a chapter focussing on promoting open, honest, and lovely UX people in Hamburg.

A middle-aged woman with brown hair bound to a plait. She is leaning against a wall and is wearing a blue shirt.

Madita Schubert

Madita is a freelance UX Consultant and Coach that empowers UX people to identify and unfold their full UX potential. She supports them in building sustainable, user-centred products together with their teams. With a strong focus on Accessibility, she always follows her main principle to create a more equal and sustainable future – not just for digital products. For over 10 years she has worked for several agencies and product companies and strongly believes in the power of learning by mistakes.

Miriam Scheibe

UX & Discovery Coach – I help product people uplift their critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills!

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