The Stockholm chapter was born in January 2020, led by Milena Spak Bosez, Thays Santos, and Luciana Terceiro.

We aim to promote meetups and events with a safe environment for all participants. You can follow our activities on Instagram, LinkedIn and MeetUp. Check also our Linktree with our activities.

Milena Bozek

I’m a Product Designer with 7 years of experience based in Stockholm 🇸🇪

Luciana Terceiro

Passionate designer interested in collaborative processes, systemic approaches, and user research.

Thays Santos

8+ years of experience in the IT industry, developing user interfaces .

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Design Advent Calendar 2022

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Past events

From Politics to UX

Get ready to be inspired by Debora Russo, who will share her journey of transitioning from the world of politics to UX design, and how her political background enriches her design perspective!

Sustainable UX

As UX designers, we make design decisions on a daily bases. We are great at considering how these decisions will impact usability, accessibility, or user emotions. But how many times do we think about: does this design decision have an impact on the planet? Not too often. 

Anna Ratkai is a UX researcher, passionate about sustainability issues. She has been studying the problem for over a year,  wrote her master’s thesis on the topic, and talked about this issue at various events. She is going to bring us some heavy facts, eye-opening insights, as well as practical tips and tricks for how we get better at designing more sustainable experiences. 

Scalable design organizations

We’re excited to announce our next meeting, where Michelle Campos will join us to share her perspectives and experience scaling up design teams and processes. Michelle works as a UX Lead at Humi in Ottawa, Canada, and has been involved in the last 15 years in strategic positions connecting the dots among users, r&d, business analysts, and product teams.

Service Design and
 Practitioner Stories – SD Day

June 1st is Service Design Day, and Ladies that UX Milan, Stockholm and Lisbon prepared a panel to celebrate the date with some very special guests. If you want to get a better view of service design in different markets, or if you want to work in the field, this is going to be an excellent opportunity to ask all the questions you have.

Daily ethical design

Big tech scandals, dark patterns, ethical issues… We hear the buzz all the time. But how would one actually practice more ethical design? Should we quote Socrates at standup meetings? Oh no (unless you really want to). In this meetup, Nata Kostenko explored ways to embed ethics into your design process. We played around with some tools, talked about existing barriers, and went through specific examples you might encounter in your daily work.

Usability tests and accessibility

Elisabeth Juks is joining Ladies that UX Stockholm on March 31st to talk about her experience with usability tests and accessibility questions.